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Online tuner for bass with microphone

On this page your can tune your electric or acoustic bass guitar or a double bass, using the microphone of your device. You can also tune by ear, using this page as a virtual tuning fork.

The fretboard above is interactive – you can click on frets to hear their sounds played.

The standard tuning for bass guitars and double bass is this:

  1. String 1 – G2, the highest (thinniest) string
  2. String 2 – D2
  3. String 3 – A1
  4. String 4 – E1, the lowest (thickest) string

It's the same as four lowest strings on a guitar, but one octave lower.

Tuning method: how to tune a bass guitar

Tuning a bass guitar is very similar to tuning a regular guitar, so you can check out our instructions for tuning guitars.

The common problem when tuning a bass with microphone tuners is that most microphones don't work well for low-pitch bass sounds.

To address this issue, try this:

  • Plug your bass into your computer and use its audio signal instead of the microphone as the audio input for the tuner.
  • If it's not possible, try using a high-quality vocal or instrument microphone instead of your built-in microphone.
  • Instead of tuning the open strings, hold a fret (try 5th, 7th, 12th). You will find the interactive fretboard above useful to see which notes should sound at each fret.

Tuning method: how to tune double bass

The same advice from above still applies, but the tuning itself is much more similar to tuning a cello – please check out instructions there.