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Chromatic Tuner with Piano Keyboard

Unlike the specialized tuners for string instruments, this chromatic tuner is suitable for tuning any kind of instrument.

To start, allow access to the microphone of your device.

Tuning by Ear

Alternatively, you can tune by ear. Click on the piano keys to play a note and tune your instrument, trying to match the note played on the piano.

When using this mode it's really helpful to check the “Repeat Note” option – this way the note will play repeatedly and you'll have your hands free to tune the instrument.

Tuning a String Instrument, like Guitar or Cello?

Try one of the tuners created specifically for your instrument:

With these tuners, you'll see an interactive fretboard showing all the notes, and will be able to switch between various tunings or instrument types (e.g. “Drop D” or “Open E” for a guitar, soprano or baritone ukulele, and so on).

Using Tuner to Ehnance your Playing

A chromatic tuner could be a great tool for your musical development. For certain types of instruments (classical string instruments like cello, most wind instruments: trombone, flutes, etc) it's essentail for the player to learn how to produce exact pitches. A tuner helps to practice this skill – play a note, and tuner will show how close it is to the perfect pitch. That's a great way to improve your playing!