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Tune your ukulele in no time with this precise, easy-to-use microphone tuner. It's totally free to use!

The tuner supports various tunings and instrument types: soprano, concert (or alto), tenor and baritone. You may also click on the interactive fretboard above to play sounds.

The fretboard above is interactive – you can click on frets to hear their sounds played.

Open strings for High G ukulele tuning (the most common tuning) sound like this:

  1. String 1 A4, the highest (thinniest) string
  2. String 2 E4
  3. String 3 C4, the lowest (thickest) string
  4. String 4 G4

How to tune your uke online with a microphone tuner

The idea is simple: you play an open string on your uke, and tuner shows if has the correct pitch or needs to be adjusted.

If the string isn't in pitch, the tuner shows you in which direction you'll need to adjust the string: make it sound higher by tightening it, or lower by loosening the string.

  1. Click “Turn on Microphone” button to give the app permission to access your mic.
  2. Start tuning your ukulele from the thickest string (the one with the lowest sound). On the left side of the tuner there're buttons for each string – you can click them to hear how strings should sound for correctly tuned uke.

    Play the uke string. The tuner will turn green and the needle will be in the middle if the string is tuned correctly. If the needle is at the left side, the string should be tightened more, if on the right side – loosened. Adjust the string as necessary.

  3. Repeat the same process for other strings, moving from lowest strings (thicker) to the highest (thinner).
  4. When done, repeat the whole process from the beginning for each string for the final fine tuning.

Something's not working? Tuner can't determine the pitch?
Check out Tuning Advice & Tips for guitar. This advice applies equally well for tuning ukulele!